Sunday, 21 September 2014

Favourite places in London.. to eat!!

This is my second post in my favourite London spots, so if you haven't seem my first one be sure to check it out! This post will be focused on my favourite places in London to eat!

Harrods: Kensington

Now I now this make come as a shock as this isn't my favourite places to wander or shop list, but one thing I learned from wandering in Harrods & Selfridges is that have really great food halls! Now why I picked Harrods over Selfridges (although both are great) is because I also had high tea in the 'Tea Room' at Harrods. And although you can have high tea many places in London, there is just something special about having it in Harrods. Scones with clotted cream and jam ended up being one of my favourite things to have in England... for Canadians who have tried our dry and rock hard scones at home you must give them a second chance you wont regret it!

Inamo: Soho

This had to make the list of one of my favourite places to eat in London... not just for delicious food but also for just being freaking cool! The restaurant is completely interactive as you do everything from the table. You look at the menu, press order, ask for the bill, play games and even watch the kitchen cook all from your seat. The pods on the ceiling project the images down and as you look at options on the menu you can actually see what they will look like on your plate. Okay geek moment over.. the food is also amazing!

The Blues Kitchen: Camden

This is one of the more hidden gem kinda places that only locals will know about but I definitely think it's worth a mention. Through the grapevine I found out about this place.  so one night a few of my friends and I decided to take on the challenge... called "DINO RIBS"! These ribs are so ginormous, that I believe there is even a prize/or free drink if you are able to finish them... but I wouldn't count on it! This picture was taken after we were already full! To avoid any disappointment it is best to make reservations as I believe the ribs are only available certain nights of the week! PS They were also delicious!

Dirty Burger: Kentish Town
Don't let the image or name turn you off, this is a diamond in the ruff! Is it greasy? YES, but is it also one of the best burgers you will ever have. Not to mention the onion fries are simply heavenly. I happened to live right around the corner from this little beauty while living in London, and I put off going here for the longest time as there was just so many choices. Once I finally did end up going here this became my favourite burger place in all of London! My only regret was not going here sooner!
Chicken Shop: Kentish Town

This is another of my my local favourites as I passed this place walking home from the tube station everyday after work. The amazing smells that came out of here made it very hard to keep walking most days. You order the chicken in whole, half or quarter and i must say it is better than your average rotisserie chicken, but I don't want to leave out their delicious sides as well. I recommend the butter lettuce and avocado salad!

Chin Chin Labs: Camden

Okay I know what your thinking, another North London pick.. but I couldn't leave out my favourite dessert place! Chin Chin Labs ice cream is not like any other. The ice cream is made using nitrogen, which makes for quite the experience all own its own. You can't go wrong with any of their flavours. If you go to Camden Markets you have to seek it out!

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