Saturday, 20 September 2014

Favourite places in London.. to wander!

After living in London on and off for 2 years, and developing a strong love for the city, I thought it's about time that I compile a list of some of my favourite spots. It can be intimidating as a guest to this large and busy city, but don't let hustle and bustle get you down. The best way to see London is to fully integrate yourself into its glory. This is my first post on my favourite London spots and it will be focused on my favourite places to wander the day away!


Liberty is not only beautiful on the outside it is gorgeous on the inside as well. One can wander around in Liberty and completely lose track of time. It is on my "must do" list for anyone traveling to London. It is not really a hidden gem, but it may not be on the average tourist list! It is a high end shop and similar in some ways to Harrods and Selfridges. If you are just looking to browse one of London's famous shops this one wins for most beautiful (in my eyes anyways)!

Covent Garden:

This is a definite must do for everyone visiting London. It's got great shops, great food/restaurant options and even some live entertainment. Some of my favourites include: LadurĂ©e (macarons), 
Plyones (kooky home ware items), Oasis (gorgeous clothes), and one of my all time favourite shops Sass & Belle (gifts, decorations, home ware). You can spend a whole day wandering around Covent Garden!

Neals Yard:

Neals Yard is a bit more of a hidden gem as it's not exactly on the main path, but once you find it you will feel like you've entered a new colourful London! Its got some great little shops and restaurants: check out the cheese shop! As a bonus it's also close to one of my favourite shopping areas (will be included in my favourite places in London... to shop!)

Camden Markets:

This is probably the place I wandered around most often in London, as I lived near-by in Kentish Town. There's so many shops, stalls, and food stands that it's almost impossible to see it all in one go. This is definitely a great place for tourists to pick up souvenirs as you will find an eclectic range of shops/stalls.

Parks, Parks and More Parks:

The parks are all really lovely and different in their own ways. Green park has great views of Buckingham Palace and London Eye not to mention lots of ducks and swans, Regents Park has lots of flowers and the famous London Zoo, Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens is great for a picnic, paddle boat ride or to view the Princess Diana Memorial and the Serpentine Galleries (one in Hyde and one in Kensington - about a 5 minute walk from each other). They all are great places to wander an afternoon away!

Natural History Museum:

Coming from Canada where Museums can be somewhat pricey, I was floored when I found out that some of the Museums in London are free. The Natural History, Science, V&A, National Gallery and British Museum are all among my favourites and are all FREE! You can spend a day roaming any of these Museums - they are the perfect place to meet up with a friend, hide away from a rainy day or just soak in some world culture all at the cost of zero dollars!

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