Friday, 3 October 2014

Flashback Friday - Amsterdam

WHERE: Amsterdam 9/10

HOTEL/HOSTEL: Hotel DiAnn  7/10

- great location - main sites are all within walking distance
- canal views from room
- inexpensive

- steep staircase (very hard to maneuver never with suitcases)

WHEN: May 2012

WITH: My friends: Sian, Isabel and Alyce

WHY: We were all living in London and wanted a group trip together!

HOW LONG: We stayed in Amsterdam for 2 nights

1. Anne Frank House
2. Canal Boat Tour or Bike Tour
3. Country side tour (We did a tour called Volendam, Marken and Windmills)

SKIP: Ice Bar (Xtracold) - Not worth the money. You get two "drinks" which are the size of shot glasses but consist of watered down vodka mixes, plus the walk in freezer (not a bar) is small, cramped and you have no where to move. You are not allowed to take photos. As if none of that was bad enough you also have to sit through an awful movie.

TRY: Poffertjes (Dutch pancakes) and french fries with mayo

WHY GO: Amsterdam has more to offer than its seedy reputation. It is a beautiful city riddled with a maze of canals (more than Venice), interesting architecture and delicious cheese. Also if you venture outside the city you can see colourful fields of tulips or spectacular windmills both worth the journey.

SOUVENIR(S): I bought a pair of pants from Vera Moda for myself and a windmill for my Dads garden.

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