Friday, 10 October 2014

Flashback Friday - Barcelona, Spain!

WHERE: Barcelona  9/10

HOTEL/HOSTEL: Onix Fira  9/10

- great location
- small rooftop swimming pool
- close to shops and transportation

WHEN: June 2012

WITH: My Mom and Brother

WHY: They came to visit me whilst I lived in London and then did a bit of traveling together

HOW LONG: We stayed in Barcelona for 3 nights

1. La Sagrada Familia
2. Las Ramblas
3. Park Güell & other Gaudí locations

SKIP: Barcelona Zoo - old and needs updating. Small animal enclosures. Although I did have a super cute moment with the orangutans - they wanted my coke that i sat on the edge. (see pictures below)

TRY: Tapas - small dishes of food that are intended to be shared at the table. The food can be anything from a bowl of olives to a plate of cheese and meat to seafood and usually involves drinking a bottle of wine! Personally I'm not a seafood fan and there is usually a lot of it on the menu but I was still always able to find things to try.

WHY GO: Anyone who loves architecture will love Barcelona. Gaudi's designs are all over the city and are all spectacular in their own way. Barcelona is quite unique in a continent of history and old buildings Barcelona feels quite young and fresh.

SOUVENIR(S): I bought a Gaudi inspired frog ornament for my Dad's garden. My mom also bought me a set of rings from Swarovski for my Birthday while we were in Barcelona!


  1. I love this city :) I live here now and I totally agree with everything you wrote.

    1. It is a great city!! There's so much to see and do!! I instantly fell in love!