Friday, 31 October 2014

Flashback Friday - Berlin, Germany

WHERE: Berlin, Germany  9/10

1. Hotel Augustinehof  9/10
- Good location - and nice neighbourhood
- Historic Building - loved the old style key & look of the building
- Older furnishings (bit outdated) but still well maintained
- Bonus - They left us Easter bunny chocolates as we stayed there over Easter (That goes down well in my books)

2. One80° Hostel 8/10
- Great location - right in the heart of it all!
- clean - updated - fun
- Photobooth & Bar in lobby
- bit more of a party hostel than I prefer

WHEN: April 2013 & June 2013

WITH:  In April with my mom and then again in June with my friend Alyce

WHY: The first time I went was because it was on my mom and I's Bucketlist, and the second time was because my friend really wanted to go - and I fell in love with Berlin from the first time so I offered to go again.

HOW LONG: Each time was about 3 nights

1. Berlin Wall - East Side Gallery
2. Holocaust Memorial
3. Berliner Dom / Berlin Cathedral

SKIP: The TV Tower - there is usually really long waits and you can get as good of a view from the Berliner Dom (if you don't mind a few stairs).

TRY: I will try to narrow it down..
1. Currywurst
2. Donar Kebab (technically Turkish - but it is really popular in Germany you will see it everywhere)
3. Pretzels
- Also worth a mention Schnitzel and Pork Knuckle!

WHY GO: It is one of the most prevalent historical cities in Europe. Everywhere you look there are signs of a once dark and disturbed city - even a simple car park has a history (although you got to know where to find it). But besides all the history it is a metropolitan city with much to offer anyone and everyone.. art, fashion, music, museums, food and more.

SOUVENIR(S): I got a Christmas Nutcracker

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