Thursday, 16 October 2014

Harry Potter Studios

Last year I visited the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios near London, which let me tell you was like a dream come true. I had heard mixed reviews from people - and I had previously been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida so I was unsure of what to expect. Let me tell you I was blown away.. I loved it in a different way than Universal (which I also LOVED) but I loved it nonetheless!

The day started with a train ride from London to Watford Junction which was simple and easy enough and then upon arrival the bus stop was directly outside the station. We missed the first shuttle because it filled up entirely before our point in the line (so make sure you go early). The next shuttle bus came roughly 10-15 minutes later and we were one of the first to get on. It costs £2 return - so have the coin ready! I swear from the minute I got on the bus I transformed into a child.. it must have been magic!

Once you arrive at the studios you go to a window booth outside the building to transfer your booking print out (you must book in advance) for a ticket  or wristband or something who knows... I was so excited at this point everything was a bit of a blur lol

Then you finally get to enter the building where you a greeted by hand-prints of the actors, the flying car hanging from the ceiling and a few other teasers.

Once your specific time nears close enough you get to line up and wait for your group time to enter the tour. While you wait in line you get to see to the first real part of the studio tour - Harry Potters Bedroom under the stairs.

Then as the anticipation builds you enter another room which looks as though you are at the outside of Hogwarts - the door the statues (its all just overwhelming).

And finally you enter the Great Hall. When the doors first open I got huge GOOSEBUMPS - you actually are in Hogwarts, mind blown, crazy!

 Inside the Great Hall you will find:
- Table set ups
- Actor Costumes for each of the Houses plus some of the Professors

This part is still a bit time sensitive but this is where the tour part sort of ends and then you are free to roam at your own accord!

One of the first things you will come across is some of the props and costumes from the Yule Ball
Without completely spoiling everything for you - I will just share some of my other favourite props and scenes!
The Tallest Ladder, The Mirror of Erised and the Fat Lady
The Boys Dormitory
The Actors Wands

What's a Wand Duel among Friends??

Butterbeer is Yummy - But you might want to share!

Diagon Alley
The Hogwarts Model is AMAZING!

And last but not least - a clip from my broomstick flying video

All in all - it is an amazing place and if you are a Harry Potter fan it is a must do on your bucketlist!

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