Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hostel Packing List

Staying in Hostels is one of the best ways to see Europe. You can save so much money staying in a hostel instead of a fancy hotel and you can still get the rest and relaxation in your room that you are looking for.

In order to have a great stay at a hostel there are some essentials you will want to bring. Here is my Hostel Packing List!


Flip-flops have multiple uses in hostels; they are great to use as slippers but also and most importantly as shower shoes! The One thing about hostels is that you will often be sharing a shower with multiple people and you never know who has some foot issues. Wearing flip-flops is such an easy fix to this!

Ear Plugs:

Noise cancelling ear plugs are a heaven sent in a hostel. They will drown out an sounds or snoring that could interrupt your sleep (Just make sure you can hear your alarm - or that it has a vibrate option) 

- These ones can be found here!

Eye Mask:

A blackout eye mask is great for traveling - it can be used on the plane and is also perfect for hostels. I like ones where they dont actually touch my eyes like this one here.

- This one can be found here!

Packing Cubes:

Packing Cubes are great for hostels because you can plan your daily outfit into a cube the night before and then when you wake up you can grab your cube and toiletry bag and head the the washroom. These alleviate the issue of carrying your clothes to the washroom and having no where to put them as well - as a bonus these bags are also water resistant. They can get expensive but if you just pick up a few of them, it means you can at least plan a few days in advance.

- This set can be found here!


These are a must for staying in hostels - and you may even want to consider bringing more than one. I found that each hostel had a different way for me to store my belongings so an adjustable lock is the most beneficial. You can also get retactable locks - where you can lock your suitcase or bag to your bunk.

- The adjustable lock shown here can be found here!


The mistake I made traveling around Europe in hostels was bringing a normal towel. It would take forever to dry and then there was times I would have to pack a damp towel into my bag. Only after my big Europe trip did I really look into towel options and found that there are Lighweight, quick drying towels that are perfect for hostels. I wouldnt do another hostel trip without one. 

- This one can be found here!

Sleeping Sack:

Not to be confused with a sleeping bag, a sleeping sack is basically a sheet sewn up in the same fashion but a lot lighter. This is more for the germaphobes and is not really a neccessity (in fact some wont allow outside linen - so check first) but I can totally see the benefit of having one of these.

- This particular one can be found here
or a cheaper version here!

Power Bar or Multiple Outlet:

In hostels, outlets may not be plenty and you will want to charge all your belongings all at once and most likely overnight. Although you will still need a travel adaptor to change the plug - a mini power bar like this will help save space and time!

- This one can be found here!

Some other things that are handy to include:

- A Flashlight - even if you use the light on your phone

- Snacks & Water
- Travel Alarm
- Book or Some Sort of Entertainment
- Notebook and pen
- Outlet Adaptors
- Hanging Toiletry Bag
- Hand Sanitizer

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