Sunday, 2 November 2014

10 Things to do in NYC

Countdown with me - my top 10 things to do in NYC!

# 10. Play on the giant piano in FAO Schwarz

# 9. Get a frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity

# 8. Eat lots of Pizza (attempt to find NYC's Best)

# 7. Pose with the Statues in Central Park

 # 6. Take the subway  (it's an experience)
# 5. Do some shopping... obviously

# 4. Find famous TV or Movie spots in NYC

# 3. Take the ferry to Liberty Island

# 2. Walk or Bike across the Brooklyn Bridge

Last but not least....
# 1. Take a carriage ride in Central Park


  1. im going here in march 2015 so this has been a great help! :) walking over the brooklyn bridge looks amazing!

    Bev xx

    1. Glad this helps - If you have any other questions just send me an email! :)

  2. As a travel blogger who grew up in NYC, I approve :)

    Except for the carriage ride - stinky! =P

    1. Wow, thank-you! LOL at the Carriage rides - I didn't find that it smelled, but I'm sure that it can at times lol.

  3. New York in on my travel bucket list and I definitely want to do all the things you listed