Friday, 21 November 2014

Flashback Friday - New York City!

WHERE: New York City  10/10

The Travel Inn   9/10
- Great Location - close to Times Square
- Free Parking
- Good Value

WHEN: September 2013

WITH:  My mom and my friend Alyce!

WHY: It's New York - you never need a reason to go!

1. Central Park
2. Times Square
3. Liberty Island (Statue of Liberty)
4. Empire State Building and/or Top of the Rock

SKIP: Central Park Zoo - it is quite costly for such a tiny zoo. There are very few animals and you can actually see some of them from just walking around the outside of the zoo. I did the zoo and to be honest I would have rather spent that time just wandering Central Park some more!

TRY: Pizza of course!!

WHY GO: It's one of those cities that just draws you in. I fell in love with the city within seconds of being there! It just has something for everyone - there is green space, historical significance such as the 911 Memorial, all different types of food, and most importantly there is shopping EVERYWHERE! It has definitely made it to my top 5 favourite cities in the world list!

SOUVENIR(S): Tiffany Necklace, and just random shopping


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