Friday, 7 November 2014

Flashback Friday - Salzburg, Austria

WHERE: Salzburg, Austria  9/10

Didn't stay overnight - did it as a full day trip from Munich, Germany!

WHEN: April 2013

WITH:  My Mom

WHY: My mom is a fan of Sound of Music and I just want to see every city in the world.. lol

HOW LONG: 1 full day

1. Hohensalzburg Castle
2. Mirabell Palace and Gardens
3. The Lake District - journey a bit outside of Salzburg to the Lake District -- It is BEAUTIFUL! 
BONUS: Find as many of the Sound of Music Locations as you can!

SKIP: The sound of music tour... UNLESS you are a huge sound of music fan. Otherwise some of the main movie sites are easy enough to see on your own.

TRY: Mozartkugel - A chocolate ball filled with pistachio, marzipan and nougat core. There are many imitations but get it from F├╝rst - he is the original!

WHY GO: You actually feel like your living in the Sound of Music movie - you can see mountains, gardens, beautiful buildings, Plus it's Mozart's hometown and they have delicious Mozart Chocolates! 

SOUVENIR(S): I got a scarf from a shop called Pieces, a painting  and a bag of Mozartkugel!

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