Thursday, 11 December 2014

10 Cruise Essentials

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Today I am writing about something I have little personal experience in, but I have done plenty of research on the subject and that's Cruise Essentials! I have only been on one cruise and it just a day long journey from Florida to the Bahamas and back. However in January 2015 I will be doing another cruise this time for a few days (from Florida to Mexico and back). Really this will be my first "official" cruise! So I have been doing lots of research for what I will need to bring on board. These are the top 10 things I have found and will be packing in my bags. Let me know if I am missing any essentials -- or if I am bring any duds ha!

I will update the list after the cruise and 'confirm, add or delete' items from the list.

1. Night Light: Almost every cruise packing list has included a night light; from travel agencies, to cruise lines as well as fellow travel bloggers. My parents have also done a cruise and they said it was well worth it for any of those nighttime bathroom users. The rooms get very dark so instead of having to turn on all the lights you can set a night light in the hall or in the bathroom so that no one needs to be disturbed. I don't foresee the need for one - but I will probably bring one just in case.

2. Dressy Clothes: This was mentioned on the cruise line's website as well on many blogs. On the cruise ship you have the option to attend special dinners (instead of the buffet) which are more fancy sit down meals and therefore they ask for you to come in "evening wear". I don't plan on attending any dinners that are of  "gown" status but I am sure a couple of nice dresses will come in handy.

3. Deck of cards: This one comes from my limited amount of cruising experience. We brought a deck for our short little cruise and we didn't regret it. When most of the entertainment has died down at night it is nice to go back to the room and have something to do.

4. Speaker: I didn't see this one on any of the lists, nor did I bring one on my day cruise. However as I was creating my packing list  I was listening to music... and I was like duh! I need to bring a mini wireless Bluetooth speaker with me. So we shall see how much or little it gets used - but I feel that it will be worth bringing. I love listening to music while I am getting ready and there are 3 of us girls sharing a room - so that's lots of getting ready time.

5. Reading material: Whenever I am on vacation I love to read. I think being on a cruise I should have a decent amount of time to lie around and read and relax but I also hear cruise ships have lots of stuff to keep you busy.

6. Foreign Currency: It is likely that you will be getting off the ship at some point to either do an excursion or just explore the area around the docking spot. Either way there may come a time where you need some money for a souvenir or maybe food or drinks. It always makes things much easier when you have the currency of that destination. So I will be picking up some Mexican Pesos before I leave!

7. Light Jacket or Sweater: As you are out in open water it can get cold at night - so even if you are traveling to a tropical destination it is always a good idea to pack something to keep you on the warmer side. I think I will be packing a jean jacket - at least that's the plan so far.

8. Shoes: As much as I just want to live in flip flops for my entire cruise especially as I will be coming from a cold and snowy Canadian winter, flip flops will look quite silly with an evening dress. So I will be packing at least one pair of dressy or sensible shoes.

9. Daypack: As I will be leaving the ship for almost a full day in Mexico I will need a bag that will be big enough to carry my essentials yet small and light enough that its not a burden. Really I think the important thing are to really narrow down the essentials but a bag that can carry a wet swimsuit and towel might come in handy.

10. Wristlet or Small Purse: When walking around the cruise ship for dinners or just exploring it will be nice to have something small to contain the room key, money, cell phone or small camera etc

PS. I did not include the obvious Camera, Passport, Sunscreen etc as these are quite standard to any trip not really cruise focused.

From my Bahamas Day Cruise

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