Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Cities worth a Revisit????

I am definitely the type of person that if I love a city enough I will revisit it, no matter how long my "Wishlist" of other cities is. Some of these cities I have traveled to multiple times in the same year and for one of them even twice within the same month.

So what makes these cities so desirable to me and millions of others? First of all they all have some amazing Sites to visit and explore. Times Square, The Eiffel Tower, The Berlin Wall, The Sydney Opera House so on and so forth are world famous sites for a reason. The next thing they all have in common is having some sort of Green Space. I love being outdoors and all of these cities have lots to see and do that involves being outdoors which scores high in my books. Then of course there is the Shopping and Food, I mean this is pretty self explanatory... Lastly is just the overall Atmosphere - sometimes the vibe of a city can just bring you down, but not in these cities. Each of these cities has something magical about them that keeps me coming back for more! What are your Revisit cities?

Cities Worth Revisiting


  1. How interesting that you posted this - my fiance and I were just talking about cities we'd revisit. I haven't been to most of the cities on your list (except NYC- I'm from there, and Venice-just went there!), but here is our list:

    New Orleans - absolutely #1 on the re-visit list, so much good food and such a great relaxed vibe with lots of good music
    Washington DC - so many good free museums that it is worth visiting for us since we live within a few hours drive
    Non-US to re-visit: Porto, Seville, Singapore, Amsterdam

    1. I really want to go to New Orleans - its up there on my bucket list places!!