Thursday, 11 December 2014

Interview with Quirky London

The girls over at Quirky London have answered some of my "Must Know" Questions about where to find some of the coolest alternative spots in London (if only this had happened a year ago when I lived there.... sigh). Check out their blog to witness their search for London's quirkiest spots. 
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  1. First of all Introduce both of yourselves:
    My name is Davina and I work with my sister Ginnie. I am primarily an actress but I also love writing. I love discovering new quirky places and writing is a massive passion of mine. My sister Ginnie has recently left her position as a Marketing Executive for the media agency ’Adyoulike’ and is using her experience to help develop the site. We both love the diversity of London and relish finding events and places in the city that challenge the mainstream.
  2. Tell us all a little bit about Quirky London:
    Quirky London is a niche site that works as a guide for people who are looking for something out of the ordinary to do in the city. We visit bars, restaurants, cafes and events then decide which of these are quirky enough to review and recommend on our site. 
  3. What do you find most challenging & rewarding about making a blog/site?
    We are passionate about finding places that are not just out of the ordinary but also offer our readers a quality experience. We don’t want to recommend anywhere that our readers could be disappointed with, which means we have to be thorough when checking out new places before featuring them on our site, it can be challenging when making the decision. The rewards come from seeing the creative talent behind some of London’s quirkiest establishments and letting our readers into our exciting new discoveries.
  4. On your site you feature some awesome alternative spots to visit in London. What is your all time favourite Alternative London Spot? On our first Quirky London adventure we randomly stumbled upon a little bar called Lounge Bohemia on the corner of Liverpool Street. We followed a very narrow passage where the walls were covered in newspaper clippings that led us down some stairs to a cave-like underground bar and were handed a menu hidden within an old book. The bar felt more like a laboratory and the concoctions they came up with looked as though they had come straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory. We ordered a cocktail named ‘Bubble Bath’  which came complete with bubbles and a rubber duck!
  5. What is the quirkiest spot you have found so far?
    During our search for quirky places we’ve noticed that Soho and the surrounding area has a wealth of quirky cafes, restaurants and bars to visit. Although you’d imagine the hipster district of Shoreditch to be the most quirky, you’ll see from our site that the quirky places really are dotted around the whole city and not just concentrated in one area. Which is great for seeing the whole of London, but it does mean we have to plan our visits wisely. Don’t wanna be stuck on the tube all day!
  7. Do you have some favourite alternative spots to eat?
    If you’re looking for a really fun night out to celebrate a special occasion with friends or even as an alternative date venue I would book ‘Circus’ in Piccadilly. This is a fantastic restaurant and bar that is like nothing I’ve experienced before. At regular intervals during the night the main table becomes a stage where acrobats and gymnasts dangle from the ceiling and perform circus acts, there is also a compere dressed in top hat and tails who helps set the scene and makes sure your every need is tended to. By the end everyone is dancing on the tables. A great night out. Another quirky gem is 'Tiroler Hut' in Bayswater, a very kitsch, German themed restaurant where you are entertained by the owner who plays his famous Tivolean cow bell show as you sip on beers and tuck into hearty German grub. Wonderfully quirky and a lovely warm atmosphere. 
  8. What types of places have you found in your search for unique entertainment or fun?
    For something different to do in the city I would recommend the Hot Tub Cinema. Throughout the year hot tub cinema provides bubbling Jacuzzis where you can sit, drink and be merry with friends whilst enjoying a classic film at the same time. Alternatively the Burlesque afternoon tea is a fun alternative way to spend the afternoon, eating cakes, drinking tea or a champagne while watching a show which takes you back to a time where naughty had an air of innocence about it.
  9. What are some free or inexpensive alternative spots in London?
    If you’re wandering around London looking for somewhere to get warm and cosy try Lady Dinah’s, London’s first Cat Cafe where you can enjoy the feeling of a warm cat purring on you all for the price of a cup of coffee.
  10. Finish the Sentence:   Only in London…
    Will you see an unprecedented amount of pigeons roaming the streets, they are very forthright we’ll have you know. Some are known to jump onto the tube in the hope of a free ride it seems. There is even one certain pigeon, who goes by the name of Brian and actually has his own blog. No joke.
  11. What is your favourite thing about living in London?
    Nearly every street in London has a secret, quirky place worth finding. We love that eccentricity is celebrated in London and that the quirky ideas people dream up in the pub become a reality. It’s what makes the Capital an ever-changing and uniquely exciting place to be.
Bonus: As the holidays are quickly approaching do you have any alternative Christmasy (it's a word) spots to recommend?
Winterville is a great, cheaper and quirkier festival to the over-populated Winter Wonderland, there are so many fantastic food stalls and a Victorian Bizarre Bazaar where you can hunt for jewellery, a traditional ice rink, as well as a less traditional roller disco and horse drawn carriages that will take you on a ride round Victoria park for just a fiver. Great for both adults and kids, and free entry.

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