Sunday, 21 December 2014

Temporary Pause in the Schedule...

The next month is a busy one for me - as has been the last few weeks in preparation. So please excuse the lack of posting. I will officially be back to normal Jan 22nd 2015, but that's not to say there will be no posts between now and then. There are some that I have pre-scheduled! The blog posts just may vary in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I will be posting lots of pictures on my Instagram!

So Where Will I Be?

Dec 22nd -- A friend from Australia arrives in Canada

Dec 23-27 -- Christmas and Winter Activities

Dec 28-Jan 1 -- New York City for New Years

Jan 1-4 -- Orlando, Florida (Disneyland and Universal Studios)

Jan 5-8  -- Cruise  (Cozumel, Mexico)

Jan 9 -- Miami

Jan 10-11 -- Driving back to Canada

Jan 12 -- Ottawa (Meet up with 2 more friends)

Jan 13-17 -- Ottawa & Quebec City

Jan 18-21 -- Vegas
Is anyone else traveling this Holiday Season??

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