Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Do's and Dont's of NYE in NYC

So you want to go to NYC for New Years Eve... you poor soul. Don't worry I survived and you can too. Here are my do's and dont's to get you through the experience that is NYE in NYC!!!

Do: Go to Times Square the night before NYE

They do practice runs of the ball drop and countdown the night before, I found it to be a good opportunity to get some nice photos of the ball. On the actual NYE you may not be close enough to get good pictures (depending on your camera and position in the square). Plus on the actual night you may just want to just enjoy the moment rather than focus on taking pictures, so its nice to have them beforehand.

Don't: Have too many expectations for the actual night

Almost everything is out of your control. The weather, the amount of people, the lack of restrooms and food, how slow the time will pass, the fact that there are no big screens or speakers throughout times square so you are likely to see and hear nothing, people using selfie sticks in all of your pictures (grr) etc.

Do: Bring Entertainment and fun friends or family!

A cellphone with games like Heads Up can help pass away the hours away, as will playing music and or chatting with friends and family. The time drags until the last hour or two - so be prepared to fill the time or just stand there bored.

Don't: Forget a Camera

Bring a camera (or even just your phone) to capture some of the nights memories. It is something you most likely will only do once in your life!

Do: Go Early or Show Up Late!

It is worth it to either show up at noon-3pm ish and get a good spot. Or show up late like 8pm or later and know that you wont see or hear much but you will be part of the atmosphere and have saved yourself hours of boredom and freezing in the cold.

Don't: Bring a Bag

You will pass through multiple bag checks - plus depending on the size or contents of the bag you may not be permitted to enter at all.

Do: Leave the alcohol at the hotel

The police will remove any alcohol that they find on your person or in your bags. Its not worth the hassle - we had a bottle of Champagne chilling in the hotel fridge waiting for us upon our return.

Don't: Forget snacks

Although you shouldn't bring a bag - you always have coat pockets. I brought along a little bag of nuts, some mints, and chocolate. Mints were nice because they would last more than a few seconds and they can quench your thirst as well.

Do: Eat and Use the Restrooms Beforehand

In most locations within the square you will be stuck in your area (pen) and wont have access to food or restrooms for the entire time. Just mentally prepare yourself for that.

Don't: Plan on Moving

For the most part in times square once you enter a specific area you are stuck there until after midnight - unless you are willing to give up your location altogether.

Do: Dress like its Winter

Bundle up and I mean layers!! I wore a pair of tights, leggings, pajama bottoms and then snow pants, plus multiple pairs of socks. Then on the top I wore a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt and a really warm coat. Plus of course a hat and mittens!

Don't: Dress like its NYE

You don't need to dress to impress for this New Years. You will be bundled up in a coat among other layers so no one will see that sparkly dress anyways. Don't forget to wear comfortable and warm shoes (aka boots not heels).


Do: Some Research and Soul Searching

Find out if its really for you. Everyone around me was all in agreement that this is something you do once and never again. It is not for the faint of heart. It is a lot of standing, it can be very cold, and depending on how far back you are it can be very boring. But if you still really want to go (good for you -- that was me as well) then go early! If you want to have amazing memories, a good view of the ball and enjoy a free concert then its worth it to go super early (noon).

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