Sunday, 25 January 2015

What's in my Carry-On?!?

After a full month of traveling I thought this was a good time to post what I was bringing around with my in my carry on bag. I tend to use an over sized purse as a carry on and not bring an extra bag if possible. Although some times I will also bring an actual carry on suitcase in addition. For this trip I didn't need to so I avoided it. I also left out cosmetics and such because they were all in my actual suitcase. Plus all of my flights were 4 hours or under therefore I didn't feel the need to bring any additional beauty products along with. Also worth mentioning is that I brought along a smaller purse in my suitcase to use for during the days/nights.


  1. Don't you think a women's purse always holds a lot of mysteries? Such unbelievable how it can all fit in there, and that you can actually find it! Great post by the way. With love,

    The Flash Window. / Bloglovin

    1. Thanks :) And Yes it is definitely a Mary Poppins Bag!