Tuesday, 17 February 2015

10 Cruise Tips and Tricks!


Cruise Tips and Tricks!

1. Look for Deals

There are always tons of deals for cruises - check last minute deals, as well as sites like Travel Zoo, and Expedia.

2. Buy the Drink Package

You will probably want to buy either the Soda/Pop Package or the Alcohol Package - as the price per drink adds up crazy fast!

3. Go to the Shows

The shows on board can be great forms of entertainment. They may surprise you! Not to mention if gives you something to do while sailing away from it all!

4. Bring Medicine

For any Canadians out there.. or anyone else who is not use to paying for Medical bills - if you have to see a Doctor on board it will cost you. Not to mention the tablets in the shop are double the price you would find else where. Bring a little medical kit with Band-Aids, Gravol (motion sickness), cold/flu tablets etc.

5. Avoid Sea Sickness

If you get Motion or Sea Sickness book a room on lower in the ship, somewhere in the middle with a window. Also once again.. don't forget the Gravol! It works!

6. Pack Appropriately

Look up cruise essentials. I have done posts on it here and here! One of the things I regret not bringing is an outlet adaptor or surge protector - one that would give you extra outlets. My room had one (maybe two if you consider the bathroom) and it was a struggle to keep everyone's cameras and electronics charged.

7. Keep Hydrated

Water and juice are free (as well as coffee and tea). If you bring a reusable bottle it will be much easier to keep hydrated around the ship and also easier to bring back a drink to your room.

8. Shore Excursions

If there is an excursion that you are dying to do - book it early to ensure your spot. If you don't feel anything calling your name then skip it - you can always get off the ship and wander (if safe) or stay aboard and have the pool to yourself!

9. Try the sit down Dinner

We (as a group) preferred the buffet compared to the sit down group - as it is much more casual, there were more options, and it was come and go as you please. But doing the sit down dinner once was a really nice change. The food was excellent and may even

10. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

One of the best parts about being at Sea is that you get an amazing view for Sunrise and Sunset! Take advantage and grab your camera or just enjoy the moment!

As a bonus - here is a little tour of my cruise with Carnival Ecstasy!


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