Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Traveller Stereotypes

As the title suggests, these are some stereotypes of the different types of travellers that you may come across. Now of course this is just for fun not everyone fits into exactly one category. But while you are traveling you can definitely bump into some interesting characters.
Have you met any of these travellers??
OR are you one of these travellers??

Sunbaker Sally
  • Will travel anywhere with a beach
  • Owns 20+ bathing suits
  • Likes to drink out a coconut  
  • Has lots of pictures of her feet in the sand or legs on a lawn-chair
  • Likes to tan, workout and eat healthy
Where you might find them: Mexico, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Hawaii

Backpacker Bobby
  • Has worked lots of odd jobs
  • Owns little belongings
  • Hitchhikes
  • Has stayed with strangers or people they just met
  • Makes friends easily - has tons of friends all over the world 
Where you might find them: Anywhere: Europe, South America, Asia

Tourist Tammy
  • Has profile pictures with every major landmark: Eiffel tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty
  • Never travels without a camera
  • Owns a selfie stick
  • Looks for everything popular/stereotypic; to eat, sleep and shop
Where you might find them: New York, Paris, London, Sydney

Adrenaline Adam
  • Has climbed a mountain
  • Jumped out of a plane or bungee jumped
  • Has some interesting scars
  • Has crazy stories that are almost unbelievable
  • Has a picture sitting on the ledge of a mountain
Where you might find them: New Zealand, Hawaii, South America

Solo Samantha
  • Loves to travel independently
  • Travels to obscure places
  • Has an eclectic taste of food, music and clothes
  • Has stayed in some pretty dodgy places
  • Has a blog :p
Where you might find them: Indonesia, Morocco, Bolivia

Party-boy Pete
  • This type of traveler is always looking for a good time
  • Its always 5'oclock somewhere
  • Although they are traveling the world they may not actually see or remember most of it
  • They travel in pairs, groups or tours like Contiki
  • Has lots of Facebook friends.
Where you might find them: Las Vegas, Europe, Ibiza, Thailand


I'm probably a bit of each - but if I had to pick I'd probably say I'm a Tourist Tammy!! How about you??

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