Sunday, 8 February 2015

Where Everyone Feels like a Kid Again... Disney

Hello again,

Finally it happened... it was long overdue but I finally went to Disney World!! I have already been to Disneyland Hong Kong and Disneyland Paris but hadn't been to the one in Florida (which distance wise is the closest to my home in Canada). Crazy, I know! And its not like I hadn't been to Florida... I had but just never made the trip to Disney. So finally last month I made it happen!

Now I wasn't too sure what to expect as I mentioned I have been to two other Disney's and wasn't overwhelmed by either. Although I enjoyed them both I definitely didn't feel like a kid again as their motto says. Upon arrival to Disneyworld I was feeling deja vu from the other parks, but just as we were making our way down to the castle we discovered a parade was just about to start. This is really when the magic began - the parade completely blew me away. The floats were just amazing!! After the parade there was like a switch in my brain that turned me into kid mode - or Disney mode.. and from that moment on I got what all the hype is about. The night ended with a fantastic fireworks display - which was well worth the wait!

My Disney Tips are:

- Use a fanny pack or bum bag so that you can go on any rides with your bag and not have to worry. It also means your hands free / no shoulder pain!

- Ask the Disney Photographers to take pictures for you. You will then have the option of buying them later even online from back home, but also because they are usually willing to take a picture for you on your own camera as well! Including in the meet and greet with characters!

- Watch the parades and get a good spot! We watched the Festival of Fantasy Parade and the Electronic one at night = both were fantastic!

- Stay for the fireworks! We stood on the upper level of the tram/train building at the entrance - we had a somewhat restricted view but not enough to ruin the experience or pictures and it also meant a quit exit upon completion of the fireworks.

- Have a good attitude - Magic Kingdom is really aimed and built for children. So there is not a great deal of rides or at least not exciting ones. So you have to prepare yourself that its just an experience and to have fun with it all! Or skip it and pick a different park! Orlando has tons to offer!

- Go off season if possible - summer months June and July are probably insanely busy so I would avoid those two months if at all possible. We went in January which would seem like an off-season time and we still have hour long waits for most rides.

- Download the app - It tells you things like when the parades are, when you can meet the different characters and when the fireworks begin.



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