Saturday, 21 March 2015

Vegas Tips & Tricks

Taxi, Bus or Monorail

You have lots of options for getting around the strip. I personally walked everywhere and yes my feet hurt and things were far apart, but I didn't want to miss anything in the middle. So make a game plan. We did one side of the strip on day one and then the other side on the second day. But know your options such as getting a full day bus pass instead of taking taxis or taking the monorail between certain hotels that offer it.

Getting a taxi to and from the airport is probably easiest! I found it quick and affordable -  but beaware they can long-trip you... meaning taking extra roads.

Lastly know where to get dropped off. Our driver asked if we wanted to be dropped off in front of the hotel or at the check in. We said check in which was the best decision, as we would have had to drag our suitcases through the entire casino otherwise. Each hotel and casino is large and things are so far apart so you really want the quickest route to the check in desk.

Stay on the Strip

This seems quite obvious but I thought it was worth a mention as some of the hotels say 5 minutes from strip and are quite a bit cheaper but if it is your first time in Vegas, you really want the feeling of Vegas that comes from staying on the strip. It is also fairly busy 24/7 so it seems safer to be walking around and exploring. 

Buy Same Day Tickets for Shows

They have ticket booths around the strip where you can buy same day tickets (we went to one by Circus Circus but there are others). The tickets are offerred at a discount rate and you can also get deals on the buffet at the same hotel of the shows.
However if there is a show or performer that you MUST see and want perfect seats then book ahead of time to be sure.

Wear Good Walking Shoes

This is by far the most important on the list. I could not emphasize this anymore... but everything in Vegas is huge and far apart. If you are doing a fancy dinner or something where you feel feels are important bring a spare pair of flats or sandals in your bag. 

It can take upwards of ten minutes just to walk past one hotel. There are countless on the strip, and that's without actually going inside and exploring. 

Pick A Hotel - But Then Pick the Tower

This is something I didn't realize previous to my trip to Vegas. As if picking a hotel wasn't hard enough you then have to look into the different towers. Each hotel has a different way of laying out the rooms and most hotels have multiple buildings. Just look into where you might be staying as in my experience the tower can make or break the overall feel of the hotel.

Research Restaurants 

Picking where to eat in Vegas is almost the most difficult decision to make - second to picking where to stay of course. There are so many restaurants, buffets, etc. Vegas is one of the best places to eat at the "fancier" or more well known chef's restaurants as even those are somewhat affordable.

Stay Hydrated

As mentioned previously Vegas is a desert - self explanatory.

Create a Limit

Create a budget for gambling and stick to it - you don't want losing money to ruin your trip. Pick an amount that you would be "okay with" if you lost it all and stick to it.

Free Attractions

Vegas doesn't have to be all about casinos and gambling. There is a lot of things to see and do, some of which can even be free!

Some of my favourite free attractions include:

Bellagio Fountains at the Bellagio
Volcano at the Mirage
M and M World and Coca Cola Shop
Hershey's Chocolate World at New York New York
Flamingo Exbibit at the Flamingo 
Fountain Festival Show and Aquarium at Caesars Forum Shops
Circus and Acrobat Acts at Circus Circus 
Browsing the shops at the Venetian and Caesars 
and of course exploring each of the hotels and casinos


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