Thursday, 4 June 2015

Ontario, Canada Top 10!!!

My Ontario Top 10

As a travel obsessed person,  I love to explore new places. Sometimes those places can be hundreds of miles away or sometimes they are around the corner. As long as I'm exploring and seeing something new I am usually quite content.

For anyone who hasn't been to Ontario, it is a province in Canada and is covered with natural beauty!! It wasn't until recent years that I actually got out and started to explore the province I call home. Here are my top 10 Ontario Must See-and-Do locations!!!

#1. Point Peele

Pointe Peele is a National Park of Canada. It is one of the smaller parks but has a few awesome attractions including the boardwalk path (pictured above), as well the "tip" which is the southernmost point of mainland Canada.

Where: Leamington, ON
When to go: Spring, Summer or early Fall 

#2. Bruce Peninsula

Bruce Peninsula is another National Park of Canada, which also contains some big attractions including the famed "Grotto" cave, Fathom Five National Marine Park (popular for scuba diving and glass bottom boat rides) with its shipwrecks and also Flowerpot Island. Bruce Peninsula has something for everyone.

Where: Tobermory, ON
When to go: Summer is ideal for swimming. However Spring or Fall would be beautiful for the hiking trails and/or camping.

#3. Dorset

The Dorset Lookout Tower is one of the best places in Ontario to get a panoramic view of the fall leaves. It is also a nice place to have a picnic, there is a short hiking trail and a little gift shop. The Tower is 100 feet (30 metres) tall - but even for those weary of the heights the views from the ground are just as spectacular.

When to go: Fall

#4. Scenic Caves

Scenic Caves is the perfect mix of eco-tourism, adventure and adrenalin. Your visit can include walking across the 420 foot suspension bridge, exploring caves and caverns, hiking, zip lining, and treetop walking. The Eco-Adventure Tour is one of the best ways to see it all!

Where: Collingwood, ON
When to go: Spring, Summer or early Fall for activities listed above.
There are also winter activities available such as snow shoeing and cross country skiing.

#5. Screaming Heads


Canadian Artist Peter Camani has turned his home into a castle, and his yard into a series of "screaming heads" among other figures. The attraction is free (with a donation box by the entrance) and you are "free" to explore as long as the gate is open. The things you will find down each path is quite remarkable and there is nothing else like it.

Where: Burks Falls, ON
When to go: Spring, Summer or Fall (bring the bug-spray)

#6. Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach as well as other Ontario beaches are really quite nice when you keep in mind that they are freshwater beaches yet have the vastness of what seems like oceans. The best part of many Ontario beaches is that you can go out so far into the water as it is still quite shallow. So people are not all condensed right along the shore. Wasaga Beach is the longest freshwater beach in the world - but if you are looking for the nicest beach(es) in Ontario check out Sauble Beach, and Sandbanks.

When to go: Summer

#7. Toronto

As the Capital city of Ontario, Toronto has a lot to offer. The CN Tower is perhaps its most famous icon along with its glass floor and new skywalk. Other popular things to see and do in Toronto can include Casa Loma, Ripley's Aquarium, ROM (Museum), Toronto Island, The Distillery District, and St. Lawrence Markets among many many more!!!
When to go: Any Season

#8. Ottawa

Ottawa is the Capital city of Canada, and is home to Canada's Parliament Buildings, as well as the Rideau Canal. During the summer the Canal may as well be like any other but in the winter it turns into something extra special... the longest outdoor skating rink in the world! There is lots to see and do no matter which season you visit.

When to go: Any Season - although winter is extra special!

#9. Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park is arguably my favourite place in Ontario!! It is definitely one of Ontario's biggest and most beautiful wilderness areas. The park is so big that it actually compares in size to the US State of Delaware. The park offers; camping, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, fishing, wildlife watching,

When to go: Any Season - they have year round camping as well as trails.
May - Moose - they are very commonly seen during the Spring!
August - Black Bears - blueberry season - find the blueberries find the bears!
September - October - Fall Leaves
October - Beavers - they fix their huts for the winter in the fall

#10. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is possibly the most famous Canadian icon and for good reason. It is truly spectacular. The best way to feel its power is to take the boat rides (maid of the mist) which goes right in, close to the falls.

When to go: Spring, Summer or Fall
Although the falls can also look quite beautiful in Winter and even has the possibility of freezing.

My Ontario Bucketlist

- Scarborough Bluffs, Scarborough ON
- Cheltenham Badlands, Caledon ON
- Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay ON
- Petroglyphs Provincial Park, Woofview ON
- Websters Falls & Tew's Falls, Hamilton ON
- Odette Sculpture Park, Windsor ON


  1. Love your post about Ontario! Have you visited any other parts of Canada or just your home province? As an Alberta girl having recently moved to Toronto, I love reading about all the cool things to do in Ontario, but I'd also like to see what else there might be to do in Eastern Canada :)

    1. I can definitely do a post on the East Coast. I have yet to travel the West Coast of Canada (unless several trips to the Vancouver airport count) but I have traveled to all of the East Coast Provinces except Newfoundland. Keep an eye out and I'll post a little something soon! Thanks for the comment!!