Friday, 21 August 2015

48 Hours In Vegas

Earlier this year my friend and I did a quick trip to Vegas. We had 2 days to spare before she headed back to Australia. We were coming from staying with mutual friends in Ottawa, Canada so we flew from there to Vegas and then departed ways after the end of the two days. To save money we stayed at Circus Circus which unless your in a money crunch I wouldn't really recommend. But Vegas for 2 days is really just enough time.

Flight Day:

1am: Arrive in Vegas
1:30am: Taxi to hotel / Check in / Bed 

Day 1:

8am: Wakeup and get Ready!

9am: Breakfast at Vince Neil's In Circus Circus.
- Ordered Steak and Eggs 8/10 - Good price and Good food

10am: Head out to the strip. While walking we pass a half-price ticket booth. So we bought tickets to Cirque du Soleil, a buffet at the Mirage and also a magic show.

11am: Head into the Fashion Show Mall on the strip
- Did some shopping at Lululemon, Victoria's Secret and more. Got a Starbucks coffee.

1pm: Work our way through the current side of the strip. Going in and out of each hotel on the way.
- Beginning at Treasure Island

2pm: Caesars Palace: The Forum Shops
- Lunch at The Cheesecake Factory & Shopping!

5pm: Bellagio
- Walk through plus snack time!
6pm: The Mirage
- Hotel Exploring

7pm: The Beatles LOVE - Cirque du Soleil
- AMAZING show... by the way!

9pm: Bellagio
- Watched the fountain show

9:30pm: Flamingo

10pm: Circus Circus
- Wandered around the hotel
- Acrobat Show

Day 2:

7am: Wakeup Call
- Shower / Get ready

8am: Headed out to the Venetian
- Breakfast
- Wander around hotel

9am: Walking the strip

11am: End of the Strip + Hotel Walkthroughs
- Luxor
- Excalibur
- New York

1pm: Planet Hollywood
- Lunch at Burgr

2:30pm: Shopping and Exploring the Strip
- clearly lost track of time somewhere in here

4pm: Magic Show at the Riveria

6pm:Buffet Dinner at the Mirage

7pm: Off the Strip

8pm: Walking the Strip at Night

10pm: Circus Circus
- Gambling
- Snacks
- Bed at some point in the evening.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Travel Staples / Essentials

- Passport

- Sunglasses

- Universal Outlet

- Camera

- Eye Mask & Ear plugs

- Neck Pillow

- Earphones / Headphones

- Carry-on bag and/or Suitcase

- Good walking shoes or sandals

- Cash and a Credit Card (for booking)

- Pen (for custom sheets)

What are your Travel Essentials? 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

My Favourite Travel Websites

 My Favourite Travel Websites:

I spend a good amount of time on the internet; booking trips, planning trips, researching trips, getting inspiration for future trips, and everything else travel and trip related. So I thought why not share some of my favourites. My next planned trip is to the Azores and Lisbon in October so I thought why not show you an example of how I use each of these websites in my planning process.


Getting Going....

Inspirock is the newest find of all the websites in the list, but it defiantly deserved to be added to the list. This is a itinerary creating website. You input your destinations and dates and then it creates a breakdown of suggested things for you to do each day. You can then go in and customize each day by adding or taking out attractions from the list. For an itinerary planners out there you must check it out!

TripAdvisor is always involved in my planning process. My favourite thing to do is look at the top "Things to See and Do" in any destination. I also love to read the reviews of hotels, tours, attractions and everything else and then on the flipside it is also the only website (other than my own blog) that I add my own reviews to.

Getting Deals....

TravelZoo is a website I rave about to all my family and friends as well as on my blog. I have found amazing deals through this website and it also what happens to have sparked this whole trip to the Azores. The Azores weren't even on my radar of places to go before I found the deal on Travel Zoo. Once I saw the pictures featured on the deal I was hooked. I basically saw the deal and booked it within 24 hours. I booked this much earlier in the year and it still have yet to go but I have a good feeling it will be worth the wait. I Subscribe to their weekly email of their top 20 deals and its one of those emails I actually look forward to getting each week.

Getting There....

Skyscanner is my go-to flight booking website. I don't think I have booked a flight from any other website since I found this one. It searches many different airlines and flight booking websites to find you the best deal. My favourite function is how you can search by the Whole Month. I often use this feature when I don't have a particular dates locked in.


Staying There....

As I mentioned previously my upcoming trip to the Azores included my hotel however as an add on to the trip I booked a one night / 2 day trip to the mainland of Portugal to the city of Lisbon. This required an extra hotel. I booked mine on and from this I received 10% off as I have booked more than 5 stays and as a bonus I got a personalised travel guide of the city. The travel guide provides amazing information including transportation, popular restaurants and attractions, information on different districts, local secret spots and practical information such as the type of plug and voltage the country has.

Staying at an Airbnb is on my bucketlist of things to do, had my hotel in the Azores not been included this is the one I would have picked. This Airbnb happens to be in an old Windmill, I mean who doesn't want to stay in a windmill?

Hostel World has always been my first choice when it comes to booking hostels. I stayed in many hostels throughout Europe and I always booked them from here. I have also written a post on Hostel Misconceptions and Hostel Packing Lists in case your interested.

While There....

Viator is my favourite Day or Multi-day Tour booking website. I have used this site countless times in several countries including Turkey, Austria, Germany, and Ireland. I have always had amazing experiences with each tour through this website. Even if you don't book any tours it is also a good website to get itinerary inspiration as they list their top day trips, as well as top attractions.

Yelp is great for using in your own city but it can be especially useful while traveling. I love to use the app to help me pick a restaurant while abroad. Here in my example I searched for the highest rated restaurants in Ponta Delgada, Azores. You can search by various filters such as distance, price, type of food and more.

City Maps 2 Go is probably my most used app while traveling. I have used it in NYC, London and plan on using it on my upcoming trip to the Azores and Lisbon.

Currently I am using the app to "star" all the locations and attractions that I wish to visit. While I am there I can use it as a GPS map without using any data or wifi on my phone! 

XE Currency is my go-to Currency Exchange Website. The best part of this site is the app for phones. When traveling in countries where the money is in completely different nominations I take screen shots on my phone of different amounts such as 10 CAD, 20 CAD, 50 CAD, 100 CAD and what they convert into the other denomination. Then while I'm shopping in that country I can quickly look at my phone to get a ballpark of what different things cost in my home currency. In countries where I can figure out the exchange rate easily it is just good to know if you are getting a good rate for your money.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Canadian Wildlife Spotting in Algonquin Park

I have done a previous post on my love for Algonquin Park and if you follow me on Instagram you will notice I go there a lot! Any weekend that I have nothing planned I usually end up going on a new hiking path in Algonquin Park. It is about 2 hours away from where I live, but well worth the journey. Not only do they have amazing hiking tails with breathtaking views but just being in the Park you have one of the greatest chances of seeing Canadian wildlife. The amount of Moose and Black Bears in the park are quite high. Not to mention the amount of other wildlife that call the park home. So I decided to do a post on all the wildlife I have come across throughout my hikes and drives in the Park! Hope there's some animal lovers out there who will find this interesting!  
* Please note these photos were taken over a series of visits and they are wild animals so there is never a given that you will see something in the park. However the odds are in your favor.

 One of the best ways to increase your chances of spotting wildlife is to visit the Visitors Centre as they have a Wildlife Sightings Board right when you walk in where the public is free to record any of their sightings. I usually check out the board before I begin my hike.  

There are numerous species of birds, water fowl and ducks that all visit the park. Some of my sightings include Grey Jays, Blue Jays, Turkeys, and more.






Black Bears


Pine Martin




What else you may see: