Saturday, 1 August 2015

Selfie Sticks in NYC + Selfie Stick Tips

This is something I never thought I'd write about. In fact the last time I was in NYC (for New Years Eve) I was ready to break every single selfie stick that I saw. So how did I go from loathing them to buying one and using it in none other than back in NYC? Well a series of events such as looking through Instagrams, the ability to take group selfies, and ultimately it came down to the fact that an upcoming trip to the Azores contains real potential for a selfie stick. 

So going from hating them to loving/using one I have come up with a list of Selfie Stick Tips.

1. Do not walk around 24/7 with it in the air. That's obnoxious and annoying for everyone.

2. Do not use it in inappropriate or banned places ie: Churches, Museums, Concerts, etc.

3. In public places take a few pictures and then put it away.

4. Try to not get in other peoples way/block their pictures with your stick.

5. Get over the embarrassment and embrace the fun spirit of the gadget.

6. Avoid taking pictures where the stick handle in the photo, because that's just weird.

7. Use the stick to show more depth. Standing on the edge of a cliff, on the top of a tower, taking an epic group photo etc.

8. Practice makes perfect. It took a few times at different angles to be able to get the full background of central park in the photo!

9. Get a Selfie stick with either the earphone jack w/button, or Bluetooth w/button. If it doesn't have a button on the pole you have to use your phone's self timer, and aint nobody got time for that!

10. Don't knock it till you try it! :p

Have you ever used one or would you?? I'd love to hear everyones opinions as I said my previous trip to NYC I loathed them. They got in the way of every photo I wanted to take but sometimes I guess as the saying goes "if you cant beat them, then join them".


  1. Haha! I definitely used to think the same. But actually if you are by yourself or with a group it's a great way to get a picture without having to ask someone to take it!

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for the comment!! I totally fell in love with it once I got the hang of it! You are totally right they would be amazing for solo travelers as well! :)