Monday, 17 August 2015

Travel Staples / Essentials

- Passport

- Sunglasses

- Universal Outlet

- Camera

- Eye Mask & Ear plugs

- Neck Pillow

- Earphones / Headphones

- Carry-on bag and/or Suitcase

- Good walking shoes or sandals

- Cash and a Credit Card (for booking)

- Pen (for custom sheets)

What are your Travel Essentials? 


  1. Passport (definitely), cash plus card, my iphone plus its charger and my Kindle. These are the most important. Then I'll most probably also take my camera, earphones and voltage converter (if needed). And yes, comfy shoes are quite important too :)

    1. Good List :) I completely forgot about my Iphone + Charger, they should be on mine as well.

  2. I always bring a scarf in my carry on. I use it as a shall or blanket when flying. It smells good (like my perfume) and is much softer than the airplane blankets! I also always buy a water bottle after going through security because I get dehydrated on longer flights; on most planes, there is a water fountain you can use to refill your own bottle during the flight. It's hidden in the galley!

    1. I love the scarf trick! I have done that on flights in the winter but I could definitely see the benefit of it on every flight! Also have to agree with the bottle of water, but I never knew about the water fountain... That is amazing! Thanks for the additions!!

  3. I bring a filtered refillable bottle (saves money and the environment) I pick up a new scarf from Italy, sweater from Ireland, and tote from Yellowstone while donating the clothes i wore too much on the win