Saturday, 5 September 2015

Travel Souvenirs... Paintings/Prints Edition

This is my second post in the series as I have also done a "Home Edition" of Souvenirs post. As I previously mentioned I have done a fair bit of traveling and it didn't take long before I realized that I didn't want to collect key chains or magnets. Instead I have gotten a painting, print or some form of art in almost every country. I have sadly only framed 2 of my paintings/prints so far as my wall space is currently limited. However I know one day I will have enough space to display all of these proudly in my home. I decided to just pick a few paintings/prints for this post so let me know if you want to see more of these types of posts.


One of the few prints that I actually have framed and displayed in my room is this one of Paris. I had bought a painting of Paris on my first trip there but I taped it (bad decision) to the wall of my room in London, so when I went back a second time I bought one to bring back to Canada with me.


I lived in London for two years, while I was there I visited many different amazing markets around the city and I decided quite early on that I wanted to purchase a painting from one of the markets. Although I already had my token England souvenir (My tea set shown in my last souvenir post) I had seen way to many gorgeous paintings to say no. I purchased two canvas style paintings and I'm not sure if I want to get them professionally mounted or if I should just frame them as is. Let me know your opinion! (side note... yes I used EOS lip balms to hold down the paintings lol)


I purchased this watercolour painting straight from the artist in Salzburg. Salzburg brings back really good memories of a mother-daughter trip I had with my mom. Although I have gone on quite a few trips with my mom this city was really all about her. We did everything that she wanted to do, I bought her a beautiful scarf that she fell in love with, and we ate delicious strawberries in a park where they filmed some scenes of the sound of music. We had a great time here and this painting reminds me of it all!


My friend Alyce and I bought the identical print of this from a shop in Bergen. We fell in love with this city and for once in our travels everything seemed to fall right into place for us here. Our hotel room got upgraded to top floor where we had such a big room that it probably compared in size to our apartment in London.


This is one of those "faux pas" purchases as I technically bought this in Athens but I was headed to Santorini in the next day or so. I saw this canvas painting in Athens and I couldn't put it down. I think I was just really excited for Santorini lol.  *again with the Eos lipbalms... ugh so sorry lol

Other than the one I already have framed I decided to lie out a few of the paintings to show their range in sizes but also as and idea of how I might display these on a wall together one day.

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