Saturday, 3 October 2015

Pre-trip Rituals

I am so excited about my upcoming trip to the Azores and Lisbon that I realized I started doing some "pre-trip" things. I booked this trip way back in February and the trip is finally nearing closer (Oct 14th). Once it's around the 1-2 week mark I start getting exited and can't wait any longer to start trip preparations. So the question is how early is too early to start preparing? And does anyone else have pre-trip rituals?
2 weeks Pre-Trip:
- Bring the suitcase upstairs... yet I don't start packing, I think I just like the visual.
- Lists, Lists and more Lists
            - To do
            - To Buy List
            - Packing List

- Start shopping for any last minute things I need
1 week Pre-Trip:
- Do all the laundry so that when it comes time to pack I have all my options
- Start wearing clothes that I know I wont be bringing
- Pedicure (even for non-beach holidays)
- Get my Eyebrows waxed
A few days Pre-Trip:
- Start collecting things I will be bringing - putting in all in one spot
- Online check-in for flights (I guess that's more necessity then ritual, but I thought I would include)
- Shave my legs
- Clean house/room
- Pack usually the day before
Day of:
- Hug and kiss my pup about 100 times!
- Begin a new adventure!

What are your Pre-Trip Rituals???

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