Thursday, 3 December 2015

Travel Diary Lisbon: Day 3

We woke up in the wee hours of the morning on day 3, reluctant to be leave the Azores. While on the other hand we were excited about what we had planned for our day in Lisbon. A day of Sightseeing, Shopping and Eating delicious pastries.

After an extremely turbulent flight we arrived in Lisbon. A little worse for wear but still optimistic about our day in Lisbon, that was until the downpour began. We headed straight to the hotel to better prepare ourselves for the weather outside. The hotel was a complete contrast to the weather outside; bright, colourful, cheerful and even a little motivational. (FYI. We stayed at the Embaixador Hotel).

With the weather being super rainy and windy we decided to purchase a hop-on-hop-off bus pass. This allowed us to see some parts of Lisbon that we were just unable to walk around and explore. Instead of taking pictures from a bus window I just sat and enjoyed the view. When the weather slowed down a bit, we hopped off the bus to explore. Our first stop was the Monument for Portugal's Age of Discovery.

From there we continued on towards Torre de Belem. This was around the time the weather picked up again. My mom and I definitely made the best of it and we had lots of laughs while we ran for cover.

After a pit stop for lunch we headed over to Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. The building and landscaping is quite impressive and beautiful, unfortunately we went during a time of reconstruction but it's still definitely worth a peek around the inside.

Next up was a "Must Do" on my Lisbon list. Rain was not going to keep me away from Pasteis de Belem. I have had these tarts from many different places but this is where the Pasteis De Nata originated from so I knew they were going to be amazing. And they did not disappoint, they are so good they are life changing (too dramatic?).  

After eating some "Natas" we wandered around a bit more, got back on the hop on hop off bus and did another route and then we took a taxi to the mall. Now I know there was more sightseeing we could have done and I am sure I missed some amazing sights but going to Primark was one of the main reasons we even booked this one day/one night trip to Lisbon. As I previously lived in London for 2 years and was a frequent visitor of Primark, I have since been suffering from some major withdrawals back in Canada. So once we booked the Azores trip and the idea got thrown out there for a Lisbon trip I immediately looked up if there was a Primark in Lisbon. Much to my delight there was! Anyways I digress, I know I need to visit Lisbon again and for longer than 24hours but I wasn't leaving without my Primark trip.

Then it was time for bed as it had been a long day with a very early start. And the next day we were flying back to the Azores!!


                           Stay tuned for more AZORES Blogs!

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