Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Travel Diary Azores: Day 4/5

We began Day 4 of our trip with a morning flight from Lisbon back to the Azores. With the crazy weather we had in Lisbon we were glad to be going back to the Island Life. Although I should mention the weather on the islands is just as unpredictable we had been lucking out. Day 4 was basically a rest day, therefore I am skipping it in my Travel Diary Series. We basically napped, walked around Ponta Delgada, went souvenir hunting and had meals, nothing noteworthy. 

Moving on to Day 5, we woke up early for another Greenzone Jeep Tour. This was another full day tour, however different part of the Island than our tour on day 2. This tour's main attractions included Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo.

We began our drive with views of an old aqueduct and a pit stop at a double lake that is shaped like a figure eight. Apparently like everywhere on the island these lakes are stunning in the summer time when all the flowers are in bloom.

Our first real stop of the day was for some morning caffeine and a little wander. The little town area had a little cafĂ© so I took the opportunity to grab an espresso and a nata. Afterwards we had a bit of time left to explore the church "Igreja de S. Nicolau". It was built in the Neo-Gothic style in the 19th century. I of course fell in love with the tiles on the walls on the inside!  

The tour continued on to Lagoa das Sete Cidades (Lagoon of the Seven Cities). These twin lakes are situated inside the crater of a dormant volcano. Although they are called twins one is more blue and one is more green, to which of course there is scientific reasons, but I much preferred hearing the local legend! We drove up, down and all around these lakes to view them from every different angle. My favourite viewpoint was from the top where there is also an abandoned hotel that you can wander through.

After Sete Cidades it was time for lunch. Our tour guide dropped us off at the restaurant and left to pick up a couple who was joining us for the second half of the day. In the morning our tour guide mentioned how Lagoa do Fogo (Lagoon of fire) is frequently hard if not impossible to see due to the fog. We had also talked to many other people who had told us they had to book second attempts to see the lake. So after lunch we headed straight there, and as it turned out we were extremely lucky as we didn't experience any fog. We drove up to the very top where we discovered how windy it really was, took some pictures and then headed down to a bit more of a calmer viewing point.
Next up was Calderia Velha! A hot springs similar to the ones we visited on day 2 but these were even more natural feeling. Complete with real natural waterfall. They weren't quite as hot/warm but the beauty made up for any shortcomings! Once again I must inform you, that if you visit a natural hot springs to put your hair up and not to dunk it under (the iron in the water will most likely stain your hair).

After the Hot Springs our tour guide just took us to a few of his favourite spots including a really nice lookout that was adjacent to a small farm (did I mention the island has more cows than people?).

The last stop for the day was a little trip to the beach. I can not recommend this tour company enough as they really make the most of any day, no matter the weather, or any other limitations. They are truly knowledgeable, and personable! Anyways I will leave you with the pictures from the beach.

Next up in the Travel Diary Azores: Our last full day consisted of Dolphin and Whale Watching!!

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