Saturday, 13 February 2016

Iceland Packing Guide

The countdown until my trip to Iceland is drawing nearer and nearer. Currently there are only 10 days until lift off (literally)! This has got me thinking about packing, so what better way to gather my thoughts of what I need to start packing together than to have a visual checklist?! Let me know if you have been to Iceland and/or if you think I am missing anything!!

*All outfits/items/pictures are listed in my Polyvore!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Travel Diary Azores: Day 6

For our final full day in the Azores we booked a whale watching tour. Although we were told it wasn't really whale watching season (we went in October) they did say we had a really good chance of seeing dolphins. So that was good enough for me and on to the boat we went. 

We had probably been cruising at a high speed for about 15-20 minutes when we started to slow down. They announced that there was a pod of dolphins in the area. Now I have seen dolphins in the wild a few times, but this experience was like no other.The dolphins were playing all around the boat, we even saw a baby that was likely only a few days old. It was just an amazing experience!

*Most of the photos are stills from video and therefore may lack in quality, they were just way to fast to photograph!



And then something unexpected happened we came across a Sperm whale and her baby. The mother was doing big deep sea dives while the baby waited among the surface. I didn't get great pictures as the baby seemed to be just floating waiting for its mother, and we have to keep a good distance away from the animals. But it was still really neat!

After that we headed back to shore and did a bit more exploring before it was time to pack up the suitcases and get ready to go home! Whale & Dolphin watching was the perfect way to end an amazing vacation in the Azores.