Sunday, 6 March 2016

Travel Diary Iceland: Day 1

After an overnight flight we arrived in Iceland, but we still had about a 45 minute journey to the city of Reykjavik. We purchased a Fly Bus ticket and hopped aboard. Once we arrived at our hotel (Hotel Cabin) it was safe to say we were exhausted, but our room was not yet ready. So we paid to have breakfast at the hotel and sat, ate, rested and waited for our room. Around 10am our room became available so we headed up to unpack and freshen up. What we discovered was the tiniest hotel room that I have ever seen yet alone stayed in. Of course we just laughed, settled in and discovered the spectacular view from the window. Although the room may haven been tiny the view was not.

After a little bit of a rest we headed out to discover the town! Our first stop was to get a closer look at the mountain view that we saw from our window.

After strolling down the path towards the downtown area we discovered the Sun Voyager. Although I was partial to calling it a Viking Ship, upon further research that was not the artist's intention. Jón Gunnar designed it as a dreamboat and ode to the sun. What do you think?
Once we got our photos of the Sun Voyager we continued to the next focal point. A large multi-coloured glass building. Although different in design it definitely reminded me of the Sydney Opera House, but of Iceland! This building turned out to be the Harpa (concert hall). 

After checking out the harbour area we had an early dinner (delicious fish and chips) and headed back to the hotel for our night tour. Unfortunately once we arrived at the hotel we noticed a sign on the door that all evening Northern Lights tours were cancelled. So we just called it an early night and headed to bed.

Coming Soon:
Day 2 Iceland - More Reykjavik
Day 3 Iceland - Golden Circle Tour
Day 4 Iceland - Blue Lagoon

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