Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Travel Diary Iceland: Day 2

We woke up bright and early on our second day (first full day) in Reykjavik. After a quick breakfast at the hotel we headed out for the day. Our first destination was Hallgrimskirkja! This church is definitely a focal point in Reykjavik, you can usually catch a glimpse of the top of it no matter where you are in the city. The shape of the church is quite unique, but the best part (in my opinion) is the view from the top!


After Hallgrimskirkja we wandered around the downtown area. The area is definitely worth checking out as there are some really cute shops an lots of amazing graffiti.


After our day around the town we went on an evening tour called "Warm baths and Cool Lights". The tour started with a trip to Laugarvatn, a small town in a hot-spring zone. The first stop naturally was to a hot spring called Fontana Geothermal Baths. In comparison to the hot springs I went to in the Azores these were a bit of a flop for me. The water didn't seem to have the same relaxing, healing qualities, it definitely wasn't as warm and it gets quite crowded. However I still had high hopes for the Blue Lagoon. After the hot springs we sought out after the Northern Lights. Unfortunately the lights were a no show for us, but on the 'bright side' we were treated with an amazing display of the stars! Many people were using the star app that lets you know the different patterns and names which was really neat. Although my overall feeling for the whole tour is a little "meh" there were definitely moments that were really great!

Coming Soon...

Day 3: Golden Circle Tour
Day 4: Blue Lagoon

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