Thursday, 9 November 2017

Spring Packing List for Banff / Icefields

*All items above are featured in my Polyvore!

When I was getting ready for my trip to the West Coast of Canada (one of the first stops being in Banff, Alberta) I was quite puzzled on what to pack. I looked up average temperatures in May, but that made it even more difficult. It gave warm highs and chilly lows and always included the possibility of snow. As a Canadian I know all too well the way weather can go from sunny to snow in a difference of  a few minutes. So I decided to pack for all weather just to be safe. So here is a list of what I brought and what I actually wore!

Coats:  Rain Coat  and Denim Coat

🗹 Windproof/Waterproof Coat: It was my most worn article of clothing on the entire trip. It was great for a variety of weather conditions as it is quite lightweight but also easy to layer to add warmth.

Denim coat: Didn't get too much wear out of it. Save the space.

Tops:  Peace Collective and Roots are two of my Fav shops for Canadian clothing!

☑ Sweatshirts: Bring a few especially a warm fleece one for the Icefields!

☑ Tops: Bring a few lightweight long sleeve and short sleeve tops for layering with jackets & sweatshirts.

⌧☑ Tank Tops: Only really needed for hiking or a photo-op  otherwise skip.


☑ Leggings: fleece lined pair (great for Icefields) and regular athletic Leggings

☑ Hiking pants: I used Lululemon Studio Pants as hiking pants, which worked out great. But any loose, lightweight, quick dry pants would work!

Jeans: Only wore to dinner, could have skipped.


☑ Hiking Shoes: Keen Hiking Shoes  Hiking shoes are essential for hiking obviously but even for non-hiking related events such as the Icefields you need shoes with good grip.

☑ Booties: Ugg Boots  I liked having a second footwear option to wear to dinners or elsewhere. Your second pair of shoes could be anything I just chose booties!

☑⌧ Sandals: Birkenstocks I liked having sandals for car rides, hotel breakfasts and quick outings! But for the time of year they really aren't needed.


☑ Socks:  I brought two different types of socks
- for my hiking shoes I used Wright Socks. They have a double layer and are blister proof.
- for my booties I used Roots Cabin Socks.

☑ Backpack: Fjallraven backpack is a great backpack but any backpack will do! This is really only needed for hiking so that you can carry water and small items like cameras.

☑ Purse: I used a Kate Spade Crossbody Purse with a zipper closure. I find the zipper the most important part of a purse for traveling but also one that will fit my camera, wallet and phone at the same time.

Hat / Gloves: I didn't need mine but if you enjoy wearing them or aren't use to chilly/mild temperatures then there's no harm in bringing them.

☑ Swimsuit: The hot springs in the Banff area are a must do. They really do work wonders on relaxing your muscles after a day of hiking.

☑ Camera(s):  I used 3; my IPhone, Canon Camera & GoPro

The Canon PowerShot SX730 is a great purse/pocket sized camera with 40x Optical Zoom and 20.3 Megapixels.

The GoPro Car Mount is one of my favourite additions to this trip. I have previously used a GoPro but always for its under water capability. I bought the car mount for this trip and love looking back at the videos of driving through the mountains!

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